National Youth Leadership Summit Philippines

National Youth Leadership Summit Philippines

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The Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) is the primary Peace and Leadership Education program of the National Youth Leadership Summit Event under the Youth for Peace Advocacy Movement Initiative Since 2009

It is already established that the youth is one of the most important segment of our society. They engage in the social transformation of our country and they involve themselves in addressing various issues, such as: student’s right, human rights, graft and corruption, and change of governance among others. They respond to these issues through different ways, ranging from more conservative approaches like changing the system from within through peaceful means, to seeking to overthrow the system by joining the armed struggle. In the middle of the spectrum, there are school-and community-based volunteer youth groups that spend their time, energy and resources engaging in social action.

Based on current assessments, the most vulnerable target for recruitment of the underground movement is the youth sector. Being that it is the government responsibility to guide the youth in order for them to be on the right track, the Youth for Peace in close coordination with its Partner Institutions from the Government and Non – Government units will spearhead a peace and leadership campaign by conducting Youth Leadership Summits in different municipalities across the provinces of the country and form them into member districts.

The Youth Leadership Summit is a Peace Education program initiated by the Youth for Peace in coordination with its partner institutions from the LGU, NGO, DSWD, church groups, PNP and the Philippine Army.

It is a four-day stay-in activity aimed at giving the different sub – sectors of the youth a wider perspective on the current issues hindering peace, progress and development, for a broader acceptance of individual responsibility through a series of lectures and interactive discussion focusing on leadership and the role of the youth in nation building.

Issues concerning environment protection, drug abuse, human rights and spiritual values are also tackled to supplement their knowledge.

Resource persons are invited to present a lecture with ample time for interaction with youth delegates. Leadership workshop exercises, Team Building problem solving activities, Small Group Discussion, Taebo Exercise, Campfire and Disco are also given for the participants to fully achieve a worthwhile experience during their stay.

The Youth for Peace is the Advocacy Movement that coordinates the body of all the sub sectors of the youth. Its mission is to help provide mental and technical support that will develop critical thinking skills and qualified leadership. The youth for peace shall seek and lead the prioritization and direction of all government development programs to the youth to harness their full potentials as leaders of the future. It shall encourage and empower youth to take an active role in resolving community issues and institutional society building.

It shall endeavor to promote physical, spiritual, intellectual and social well being and inculcate in them the desirable values for civic efficiency and productivity and social responsibility to prepare them for their future role. The organization shall accomplish its mission inspired by the idealism dynamism integrity for the excellence of the Youth for Peace under the guidance of the Almighty God

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First National Youth Leadership Summit

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600 Youth Leaders Join First National Youth Leadership Summit –

Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City—Acknowledging the need to unite youth organizations in sustaining the momentum of its peace efforts, the Armed Forces of the Philippines will gather six hundred youth leaders to participate in the first national level Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) that will be held in Davao City from October 28 to October 31.

Anchored with the theme “Networking Youth Leaders for Solidarity,” the activity aims to convene the Youth for Peace members, who are already graduates of regional leadership trainings, to form the National Youth for Peace Movement that will promote a culture of peace, enhance leadership qualities, and strengthen nationalism among the participants.

The AFP is teaming up with partner organizations, including the National Youth Commission (NYC), Department of Education, Department of Interior and Local Government, National Commission on Muslim Filipinos and the Philippine National Police to raise at the national level the regional youth development efforts already being conducted by the Unified Commands of the AFP.

To enhance values orientation, sports skills, and the leadership qualities of the participants, there will be a series of workshops and lectures on use of illegal drugs, values, and human rights among other topics that will support the commitment of the AFP in youth development. The participants will come from the five Unified Area Commands that facilitate youth development programs in their areas.

The Commander of AFP Eastern Mindanao Command LtGen Jorge V Segovia is also expected to attend the opening ceremony on October 27, along with the Guest of Honor and Speaker, Hon Leon Flores III, Chairman of NYC.

Nature Appreciation and Conservation

Prior to the actual summit tomorrow, participants from the Northern Luzon Command and the National Capital Region were given a chance to appreciate nature and know the importance of conserving it. Eighty YLS delegates from NOLCOM and 24 delegates from NCR that arrived in Davao last Friday were introduced to the Island Garden City of Samal.

While there, they visited the Monfort Bat Colony that holds the Guinness World Record for most bats in conservation and were also able to plant mangrove seedlings in the shores of Samal Island.

“As part of the NYLS, we were able to the our part and learn the importance of our roles, as youth and future of our nation, in helping preserve nature and our environment,” YPMN lead convener and university student leader Vince Alvarez said.

First National Level Youth Summit

This is the first time Youth Leaders from different parts of the country will convene to take the YLS into the national level. In the past, the AFP through its field units has been conducting youth leadership summits in their respective areas of responsibilities.

Just last September, the 11th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army concluded the first YLS for 117 students in Barangay Trinidad, Guihulngan City. The three-day summit sought to instill the level of awareness on issues that affects the youths in National High School of Hialitan, Trinidad.

“By uniting various youth organizations, we are ensuring the continuity of our programs that contribute to the AFP’s overall mission and harbor support for our government’s national development agenda,” AFP Chief of Staff General Jessie D Dellosa said.

“The eagerness of our youth to participate in positive national conventions such as the Youth Leadership Summit clearly manifests the commitment of our “young movers” to contribute to our country’s enduring efforts for lasting peace and sustainable development,” Gen Dellosa added.

Second National Youth Leadership Summit

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Reflections from the 2nd National Youth Leadership Summit

‘Authentic peace is achieved when leaders have a sense of integrity, responsibility, and service for others’

Rachelle Miranda

Published 4:57 PM, August 03, 2015

Updated 4:57 PM, August 03, 2015

Each move towards a goal in mind is like a bigger leap in reality. It’s like solving a jigsaw puzzle which requires a lot of perseverance, motivation, and actions. A piece matched to another piece is a new gained strength to find out the bigger picture.

The youth has that particular determination, motivation and necessary actions to build an essential picture of peace amidst diversity.

Coming from the different parts of the Philippines, a group of around 500 young people were gathered to attend the 2nd National Youth Leadership Summit last May 28-31, 2015 at the Tanay Adventure Camp in Tanay, Rizal. With the passion and the heart to become proactive youth leaders and genuine peace advocates, the participants have undergone skills and team development workshops, informative lectures, and values education.

Youth for genuine peace

YOUTHS FOR PEACE. The delegates of the 2nd National Youth Leadership Summit pose for a group photo. Photo by Rachelle Miranda

The 2nd NYLS was developed and organized by the Youth For Peace Advocacy Movement Inc, a coalition of various youth organizations that pursue genuine peace. YPAM has a high regard for young leaders – it believes that young leaders are the key element in creating and maintaining authentic peace. For YPAM, authentic peace is achieved when leaders have a sense of integrity, responsibility, and service for others.

So, what sets the 2nd National Youth Leadership Summit apart from the other youth summits?

In the 2nd NYLS, I was particularly inspired by Lord Pomperada, the Regional Director of World Youth Alliance – Asia Pacific and incoming President of World Youth Alliance, a global coalition of young people who believe in human dignity with a headquarters in New York City.

Through his talk, I learned that being young is not an obstacle in making a contribution to the world. I must aspire to INSPIRE others. I learned that to inspire my fellow Filipino youth, I must uphold LIFE: Leadership with Integrity, respect for Faith, and Excellence.

INSPIRED. The author with one of the speakers during the summit – World Youth Alliance’s Lloyd Pomperada.

What now?

The Youth Leadership Summit or YLS started in 2003 and already has an enormous number of YLS graduates. It is already being conducted in different municipalities, provinces, regions, and even barangays all over the country.

Regardless of the level, its objective of educating and empowering young people to be agents of peace remains the same. YLS partners with different stakeholders such as the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the local government units (LGUs) and civil society such as the YPAM in conducting summits and implementing its plan of actions.

The 2nd National Youth Leadership Summit aims to create synergy between all existing YLS efforts. As NYLS is a convergence of young people’s actions geared towards peace building, the formulation of 2NYLS program of action and peace agenda are among the highlights of the event.

Partnerships and networks had been established to strengthen peace and development efforts for the coordination and mobilization of YLS projects in their respective areas.

Furthermore, every YLS experience is a unique experience, but amongst its uniqueness is that young people converge with the idea of building peace.

The youth are pieces matched together in a puzzle; we all know what the bigger picture is. Now, putting the pieces together to achieve that goal in mind makes a difference. –

Rachelle Miranda is currently the Public Information Officer at the Office of Civil Defense Region V. She graduated from the Regional YLS in 2012 and remains actively involved as an advocate for peace in the Bicol Region through the conduct of YLS and various related programs for youth empowerment and involvement.

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